The Power of a Phone Call

by Monica Paici, Internal Marketing Director, PIN Business Network

Most of us know that making the phone ring is valued objective of any marketing campaign. This call-to-action is often fundamental for any B2B or B2C enterprise to grow their business. We somehow take it for granted that all of our marketing efforts will make the phone ring and answering the call will lead to a sale (eventually). This makes tracking phone calls not just important but, essential.

There are all kinds of ways to drive phone calls; emails, web ads, web listings, social media postings, etc. Knowing where the calls are coming from is just one aspect of call tracking. What keywords are driving calls, what geographic area are most of your calls coming what sources are driving the calls, all can help you be more effective in your ad placements and also the types of offers you may have. Tracking these calls will help you determine your ROI and can improve your user experience.


Features of a Formal Call Tracking Solution:

Dynamic Number Insertion – The Phone Number Itself
Using a number that is unique to the campaign, offer or ad is the fundamental key. It is the “how” of call tracking. By using this unique number, you can track the source of the call and know who your customers are. It takes the guesswork out it and makes it easier to make decisions about the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Multi-Channel Attribution – The Customer Journey
You have now identified the source of the call, but how about the customer’s journey? Multi-channel attribution lets you see each touchpoint that led to a call. You can not only see the campaign that drove a caller to your website but, which pages they visited and the last page they visited that led them to make the phone call.

Call Recording – The “Meat & Potatoes”
Once a potential customer has made the effort to pick-up their phone and make the call, it’s now your turn. Only you and your staff can turn that call into a sale. The quality of the call is in your hands. Sure, some calls may only generate general questions, i.e. directions, business hours, etc. and that may be an indication the strength of the message or offer, but other calls could be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Recording and listening to the calls will tell you how well your staff handles customers calls – their style, technique, friendliness and most of all, how knowledgeable they are. It’s a great training tool.

The advantages of implementing a call tracking program are numerous. You can improve your ROI by tracking your campaign performance. You can track your customer’s journey and you can record the calls for training purposes. What’s not to like? It’s incredibly helpful for your businesses. You get in-depth insight into who your customers are, caller demographics and behavior, first-hand knowledge of your staff’s capabilities to answer questions, and it can help you capture more leads, win customers and make more sales.

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