What Does PIN Business Network Do?

It’s PIN Business Network’s most frequently asked question.

We get that a lot. Our response has typically been along the lines of:

We’re a data company that does digital marketing.
We’re a digital company that does data marketing.
We’re a company that does digital marketing…with data.
We’re a marketing agency.

The response to our response is often characterized by a glazed-over look and a lot of smile-and-nodding.

The truth is, figuring out how to adequately convey not only what we do but how we do it has been challenging, to say the least. Even our clients, who experience the results of what we do, often don’t understand what goes on behind the scenes to produce those results.

Unfortunately, what our expert team deals with on a daily basis—the intricacies of raw data collection, analysis, and its application to marketing systems—is hard to communicate and even harder to make interesting. However, PIN Business Network employees, partners, and stakeholders know that “marketing with data” only scratches the surface of what we actually do to help businesses grow, and they know that our company embodies something much more unique and meaningful. As PIN Business Network continues to expand its services, it is crucial that we can effectively communicate these ideas to prospects and clients, because we know that they have a wealth of marketing agency options available to them, all of whom have their own claim as to why they are the special ones.

We’re constantly working on ways to evolve our conversations surrounding what we do, how we do it, and how it can help our clients. For those who haven’t seen it firsthand and who are bored and/or confused by the concept of a “data company that does marketing,” here is what we really do, as an impossible-to-forget acronym:


See what we did there?


As in, our digital marketing platform.

These are the tools of the trade. We offer the full suite of digital marketing services, including paid media deployment, email and text marketing, SEO, state-of-the-art video production, content and creative, targeted landing pages, and more. We strategically target consumers with an integrated approach that feeds off our data foundation (see below). Our account managers and digital marketing experts manage our clients’ online footprints, secure their digital assets, optimize their search presence, and monitor their online reputation, all with the intention of growing leads and increasing conversions.


As in, data-driven intelligence.

There it is again, that word: data. It’s a scorching hot topic in virtually every sphere of business, and for good reason: 90% of all data that exists in the world today has been generated in the past two years. At PIN Business Network, we fall in line with hundreds of other companies who consider themselves “data-driven.” However, that’s not what matters here.

For us, it’s what data creates that holds all the weight, not the data itself. We may be data-driven, but we are human-centric, and that’s because we see data as much more than just a collection of statistics. When strategically aggregated, analyzed, and applied, data is powerful enough to create a mirror of a consumer, reflecting what they like, how they think, and who they are, as well as identifying others like them. We like to call it consumer data DNA, and we use it as intelligence to target the consumers most likely to engage with our clients. That’s where our marketing expertise enters the fray. When it comes to helping a client promote or sell their product or service, we don’t believe in generic, “spray-n’-pray” methods. Rather, we use our data-driven intelligence to put the right message in front of the right audience, on the proper channels, and at the precise moment of intent. That’s the human effect of our data foundation, and it’s how we’re transforming data from a numerical abstract into the living, breathing intelligence that, when strategically applied, helps our clients achieve very tangible results.


As in, our organic, online community network.

At PIN Business Network, we believe there’s strength in community. That’s why we own and curate a digital social network that generates hundreds of thousands of online impressions and drives robust engagement with information that matters to communities both locally and at-large. People across the nation have a chance to interact with us and our stories as well as learn about our clients through original and creative content, news, and special offers. The result is an ever-evolving, organic pool of active and engaged consumers who make up our cohesive community environment.

Are you effectively conveying what your business does? Having a consistent brand that differentiates itself from the crowd is the first step in developing marketing and ad campaigns that work. Contact us to learn how we can help.