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7 Misconceptions About Paid Advertising

With more consumers than ever flocking to the internet to find information, read reviews, share, and shop, businesses are increasingly turning to paid advertising as an essential way to guide more traffic toward their website, brand, product, or service. Because it’s relatively easy for any business to set up the likes of a Google Ads […]

Don’t Waste Your Time on Last-Click Attribution

Last-click attribution isn’t the metric you should be focusing on. When a product or service is sold, people and companies are quick to take credit for the sale and justify their value to you or your company. Have you listened to just about every lead provider there is explaining to you that they are responsible […]

An Interview with Joe Oltmann

An Interview with Joe Oltmann, CEO PIN Business Network, February 3, 2017 Listen to the full interview. Announcer: This is Business for Breakfast with Jimmy Sengenberger on KDMNT, Denver’s Money Talk 1690 AM. Business Spotlight, where we are highlighting different businesses in the community here in Colorado in the Denver metro area and in and […]

Data-Driven Decision Making

PIN Business Network uses data to create effective marketing campaigns As a data-centric company, it was only fitting that we ended our weekly all-hands meeting this morning with our founder professing the power of data and using that data to make decisions. It was suggested that a client who was experiencing massive success in garnering […]