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Automotive Marketing: Cross-Funnel Solutions for a Mobile World

What are the keys to success in each part of the sales funnel for automotive marketing in a mobile world? In an industry that has shifted to mobile at record speed, automotive marketers must follow suit with new strategies to connect dealers with consumers and build lifelong relationships in new and innovative ways.  Solutions Across […]

Don’t Waste Your Time on Last-Click Attribution

Last-click attribution isn’t the metric you should be focusing on. When a product or service is sold, people and companies are quick to take credit for the sale and justify their value to you or your company. Have you listened to just about every lead provider there is explaining to you that they are responsible […]

Case Study: Automotive | Dealer Group

PROBLEM An Automotive Dealer Group was facing margin compression in sales and fixed operations as well as retail sales effectiveness pressure from OEMs. In addition, they were experiencing growing advertising budgets with no ability to track results from over ten advertising vendors. DATA, DISCIPLINE, DEPLOYMENT STRATEGIES Utilize 1st, 2nd & 3rd party data across traditional […]

Five Ways You’re Wasting Money in Your Digital Advertising and Administration

by Herm Brocksmith, President, PIN Business Network The Digital Foot Print (the DFP) has overtaken the Traditional Foot Print (the TFP)!  Boom!  There it is…your online digital advertising presence is significantly more important today than your traditional media spend.  Yet, do you even understand all of the necessary elements to a successful DFP strategy or […]

Know & Change Your Car Dealership Brand

Car dealerships don’t have the luxury of being known like Coca-Cola, Apple, or Starbucks   What is your brand?  I’m not talking about your franchise; I’m talking specifically about what sets you apart from the competition. What is your “Why Buy from My Dealership” proposition?  Advertising experts call this your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) or UVP […]