Retargeting – Multiple Opportunities to Reach Potential Customers

Learn how retargeting (or remarketing) can help your business grow

According to AdRoll, over 40% of marketers spend the majority of their digital marketing budgets on retargeting. Retargeting works by placing a piece of code (a “cookie”) in the browsers of people who visit your site, tracking them and then displaying your ads to them as they visit other websites online. Google commonly refers to this as remarketing or retargeting.

How Does Retargeting Work?

Retargeting can build brand awareness, create lead generation, encourage social engagement, drive new sales, and help maintain current customers. If used with cross-device technology, retargeting can also consistently occur over multiple devices (mobile, tablet, and laptop and desktop) for the same consumer facilitating efficient and continuous messaging.

The most successful retargeting campaigns are driven by proper segmentation and clear messaging with specific call to actions. It is considered one of the more effective digital tactics to keep your brand and product front and center, ensuring interested customers continued to engage with you and purchase from you.

Retargeting is a “middle of the funnel” tactic that focuses on the “right” customers and is easily measured with both click-through and view-through conversions. Click-through conversions happen as a direct result of someone clicking on a retargeting ad they were served. View-through conversions are attributed to another channel, but these conversions were served a retargeting ad at one point.

 The Most Effective Types of Retargeting

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The benefits of retargeting go beyond delivering messages to those individuals who have visited your site. It also generates data points and tracks online viewership. This information can help formulate future digital marketing campaigns and further refine targeting the right audience. A digital footprint is a key to finding look-alikes and the more you know about potential customers, their online behavior and interactions, the better you can make strategic decisions.

You can’t afford to ignore retargeting. It can be used to attract customers, convert customers, and grow customers. This key tactic can be applied throughout the sales funnel process to help achieve digital marketing goals.

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