PIN Business Network invites you to our OCN Team’s Restaurant Recovery Program


Colorado restaurants are in a severe crisis due to the COVID-19 outbreak and they need the community’s help. Earlier this week restaurants were forced to close their doors to all dine-in customers. Fortunately, they are still allowing pick-up and deliveries. 


As a community we can all help by thinking about these local restaurants in these tough times. Rather than raiding our grocery stores and buying fast food, because it’s the most convenient, we can be helping our restaurants make it through the drought. We can do this by ordering pick-up and delivery, purchasing gift cards and scheduling future reservations. We also believe that providing generous tips, if you can, will go a long way.


Our Community Now (OCN) was founded by Joe Oltmann former restaurant owner and current entrepreneur dedicated to helping businesses grow. The website was built as a platform to connect people with their community. In addition to the website, the ecosystem includes community pages on social media like, Denver Now, that help local communities stay hyper connected. The platform and social media pages reach millions of engaged people weekly. 

Through this connected network, OCN has been creating programs to help restaurants stay connected to the community. Over the past couple of years OCN has been building a community of connected restaurateurs and foodies, called OCN Eats


Below are the ways to get involved and keep our local restaurants strong through tough times. When this crisis is over, we want our restaurants to be there the way we remembered them, not forgotten. 

  • Restaurants – If you are a restaurant owner or an employee of a restaurant. Reach out to us through this link to get signed up for our program to connect you to the Colorado community. 
  • Community – If you support local businesses, stay up-to-date and receive local offers from Our Community Now, sign up here.