Joe Oltmann, CEO of PIN Business Network, was named an Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 Mountain Desert Region Award Finalist by Ernst & Young

For Joe Oltmann, the CEO of PIN Business Network, it’s always been about making the impossible possible. Just ask anyone who works with him. He’s always pushing his team to go one step further—and then when they succeed, he inspires them to figure out how to go one step more. Oltmann expects a great deal of the people around him, but it’s this type of leadership that keeps PIN at the forefront of innovation in a rapidly-evolving industry. 

Last August, Oltmann was announced as a finalist for Ernst & Young’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 Mountain Desert Region Award.

That comes as no surprise to his team, who use words like ‘driven,’ ‘energetic,’ ‘tenacious,’ ‘intense,’ and ‘passionate’ to describe a man known for his ability to think outside the box.

“Unafraid to take a risk,” one employee says.

“Inspirational and charitable,” says another.

But Oltmann credits the team itself.

“The team at PIN has always had a culture of serving and protecting our community and our clients,” he explains. “That became even more real during the pandemic. We will continue to serve our community and clients while working to make the world a better place. Everyone has a role to play on the team at PIN Business Network; I just happen to be the CEO, who wouldn’t be here today or have had the success I’ve had if not for the team.”

Located in Greenwood Village, Colorado, PIN Business Network is a Data as a Service (DaaS) company that privatizes and leverages first-party data to enable businesses to thrive. It uses the technology it’s built to solve complex problems and lead to sustainable solutions for its clients. 

“What we know as a company is the data has and always will be the solution,” Oltmann said. “So I think the thing that keeps us going or keeps me going is finding new solutions, especially given the amount of turmoil we’ve seen happen in the business community. So any time that we can build and innovate new technology that helps them become better—That just pushes us and keeps us motivated to do more for our clients.”

The Entrepreneur of the Year award “honors entrepreneurial business leaders whose ambitions deliver innovation, high-growth, and prosperity as they build and sustain successful businesses that transform our world.” Nominees are evaluated based on financial performance, societal impact, commitment to building a values-based company, innovation, and talent management, among other criteria. This year, special recognition will be given to “unstoppable entrepreneurs” who have shown courage, resilience, and ingenuity while providing “extraordinary support for their communities, employees, and others during the COVID-19 crisis.”

“My proudest moment as the CEO of PIN was seeing the team come together and work together in order to create solutions and get our clients, ourselves, and our families through this crisis,” Oltmann says.

But in typical Joe-fashion, Oltmann—a self-proclaimed “numbers guy” —is already looking ahead:

“I’m excited about the future of PIN,” he says. “As we actually go further into the future, more technology is going to be necessary so that we actually mature and grow and understand how to use data to create even better results for our clients. No matter how complex a problem or issue is, we can find a way to overcome it.”

More About Joe Oltmann

Joe has been the CEO of an investment holding company with 13 companies under nine umbrellas that span seven different industries. He is a two-time EY Entrepreneur of the Year nominee and 2020 Finalist. His companies have been recognized nationally and Joe has personally been recognized in the community for his leadership, courage, for helping others, and giving a hand to businesses in need. Joe has a foundation, PIN Gives, which has been able to help fund programs in education, medicine, inner-city youth programs, and other important initiatives.