How Reputation Management Can Bolster Your SEO Strategy

With the vast majority of consumers scanning online reviews before buying, reputation management software can be a powerful tool for any business wanting to stay visible and reputable online.

Over 90% of consumers use online reviews to influence their purchase decisions. That means, nine times out of ten, if your business has no reputable presence online, it’s likely you will lose customers to those that do.

Since consumers find reviews so important, search engines do too. The user-generated content that builds up as your business gets more and more reviews will sprinkle your business pages with relevant keywords, scooting it up in search rankings. Things like regularly responding to both negative and positive reviews about your business have been shown to improve your local SEO.

If your online reputation among consumers is too small or not sufficiently managed, you risk not only losing business to competitors but also hurting your visibility online. Enter the importance of reputation management. Because online reviews play such an integral role in consumer decision-making and have an effect on search rankings, it’s more important than ever that businesses are able to monitor, simplify and encourage the review generation process across all platforms. By staying abreast and active in their reputation online, businesses can take action to boost their customer satisfaction rate, bolster their SEO, and ultimately earn more business.

Where Does Online Reputation Show up in the Customer Journey?

A typical buyer’s journey has three stages – awareness, consideration, and decision. For example, if someone is looking for nail salons in their area, they will typically start by searching for “nail salons near me” or something similar. It’s at this awareness stage in the journey where a combination of great reviews and more traditional SEO practices — writing keyword-enriched content, including inbound links on your website, regularly updating content, etc. — could help a particular nail salon show up higher in the search results.

But what happens next? In most cases, the consumer will proceed to consider multiple businesses (e.g. the top five that showed up in their search) based on their reviews and reputation online. Their ultimate decision on which salon to visit may well end up being a result of reputation. Reputation management can prove extremely useful in the consideration and decision stages of the customer journey after more traditional SEO strategies have already taken effect.

Traffic and Trust

An advanced SEO strategy that includes reputation management addresses both of two crucial elements affecting a buyer’s decision: traffic and trust.

Traditional SEO betters your chances of ranking higher in search results and helps bring more traffic to your website. As noted above, this is important during the awareness stage of the buyer journey when the consumer is learning about your product or service.

However, when it comes down to reputation, you need to establish trust with your potential customers to convince them to do business with you. With online reputation management, you can be aware of what customers are saying about you on public platforms, track your business’ online rating and solicit more positive reviews, all of which help you build trust in your website visitors and convert them into customers.

The collective strategy of traditional SEO and careful reputation management can launch your business to the top of search results and improve your business reputation online.

About PINfluence™

PINfluence™ software enables you to take control of your online reputation by managing all your business reviews in one place. Monitor and respond to reviews and ratings from all online platforms, turn customers into advocates with review marketing and instigate review generation. Contact us today to learn how PINfluence™ can help your business increase customer satisfaction, bolster SEO, and grow your business.