Cinemagraphs – A Living Image

Cinemagraphs are short, living images that bring digital advertising to life.

If content is “king”, then video content is the protector of the realm. These days, it seems like you can’t go anywhere on social media without seeing some type of video content whether voluntary or involuntary. While the importance of video is certainly not missed, understanding the different types of video and how to best utilize it is another world unto itself.

Video has become the go-to strategy for agencies, marketers, and designers to break through and get messages to a growing audience with even shorter attention spans. The truth is there is no perfect strategy despite what some may say. The trick is knowing your business, your audience, and what your overall objective is. From there you begin to work on your video strategy.

While there are literally infinite ways to make and produce videos, I am going to focus on one of the newer methods, known as cinemagraphs.

What is a cinemagraph? In short, a cinemagraph is a living image – a still photograph that contains an element or elements of motion that have been effortlessly looped to create a never-ending moment. It looks as if your mind is playing tricks on you. One second you’re looking at a photo and the next thing you notice, part of the photo starts to move.

Since they were first introduced in 2011, (decades in internet terms) cinemagraphs have evolved to a coveted medium that elevates visual storytelling into a more modern realm. Cinemagraphs are a great way to captivate the attention of audiences and the best part, they are easily shared across social media. Their micro-video format performs amazingly well through Facebook advertisements.

We are seeing a growing trend in video marketing shifting toward micro-video formatting. In short (pun intended), micro-videos are short, digestible videos that auto-plays and auto-loops. This format typically requires no audio and garners attention faster than traditional video marketing. The beauty of cinemagraphs is they’re exactly that, short and easily digestible. A few seconds of cool looping imagery that tells the story you want to convey.

Top global brands are now using the creative prowess of cinemagraphs in more of their digital campaigns. While it may seem like this incredible and relatively new medium is reserved only for mega brands, creating cinemagraphs is actually quite simple and affordable. If you have an iPhone, you can create one and thousands of small businesses around the world are doing it.

Creating a cinemagraph only takes a small handful of things: A vision, quality video, and a simple downloadable app. You don’t need to be a video editing whizkid to create this visually appealing and effective marketing medium. You can and should use cinemagraphs in your next social campaign. Not only will your company look “ahead of the curve,” you can showcase your products, strengthen your ads’ reach and effectiveness, and increase engagement with just a little bit of motion.

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