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The Future is Changing for Third-Party Data in Marketing

Over the past several years, consumers have become infinitely more aware of ways their private information is being shared. As a result, the foundation on which third-party data is used for marketing has shifted dramatically. For example, web browsers such as Firefox and Safari have cracked down on online ad trackers, and GDPR and other data […]

What Marketers Should Know About the New Updates to Firefox and Safari

Two of the major web browsers are in the midst of changes that could drastically change both user experience and marketers’ abilities to deploy targeted ads and track campaigns. Here’s the update: Firefox’s New Default Setting Will Block Ad Trackers Last Fall, Mozilla added what it dubbed “Tracking Protection” to its flagship browser, Firefox. When switched […]

How Call Tracking Can Help Grow Your Business

By implementing call tracking in your marketing plan, you can analyze and track the marketing channels that drive leads-by-phone — and thus optimize your ROI.   40% of businesses who invest in marketing say that their top challenge is measuring the ROI of their marketing activities. With the takeover of digital and the number of marketing […]

Facebook Responds to the Data Privacy Crisis with Changes to Ad Targeting

In our increasingly digitally-driven world, the simple fact is this: if you do virtually anything online, you are leaving a footprint. That footprint contains information about you, the web pages you visit, where, when and what you buy, and your activity on social media. In the age of big data, all of this information is […]

Why Last-Click Attribution Modeling is a Waste of Time!

by Herm Brocksmith, President PIN Business Network When a product or service is sold, people and companies are quick to take credit for the sale and justify their value to you or your company. Have you listened to just about every lead provider there is explain to you that they are responsible for getting people […]

Be Data Smart!

by Monica Paici, Internal Marketing Director, PIN Business Network I was re-reading our manifesto this morning and contemplating its meaning. No, really, I was. First, what’s PIN’s manifesto? It is an anthemic narrative of who we are as a company and what we do. It’s a beautiful combination of words that reflect our “why” or […]

Retargeting – Multiple Opportunities to Reach Potential Customers

by Monica Paici, Internal Marketing Director, PIN Business Network According to AdRoll, over 40% of marketers spend the majority of their digital marketing budgets on retargeting. Retargeting works by placing a piece of code (a “cookie”) in the browsers of people who visit your site, tracking them and then displaying your ads to them as […]

Introducing PIN Points – Digital Do’s & Don’ts

by Monica Paici, Internal Marketing Director, PIN Business Network I am pleased to share with you a new resource from PIN Business Network. We’ve been working on putting together tips, tricks and helpful hints in the complex digital landscape. This week we have tackled the topics of business listing, growing your brand and AdWords checklist. […]

Finding Answers to a Complicated User Journey

by Monica Paici, Internal Marketing Director, PIN Business Network Since time began, it seems, marketers have been challenged in precisely determining the effectiveness of their campaigns. The old John Wannamaker quote, “Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” is apropos. Metrics, KPI’s and yes, […]
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