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Follow Versus No Follow Links: What’s the Difference?

Not All Inbound Backlinks Are the Same In the wild, often frustrating, and ever-changing world of SEO, it’s important to understand that when an outside website links to your website, it can either be a “follow” or a “no follow” hyperlink. Both are examples of backlinks, which is simply one website linking to another website. […]

Adams County Fair – A Week in Video

This is what it looks like when an innovative video production team meets a historic Colorado event. From July 31st to August 4th of 2019, our video production team here at PIN Business Network were invited to the iconic and historic Adams County Fair. It would be a fantastic week of exciting events, delicious food, […]
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Infographic: Color Psychology & Human Behavior Triggers

Marketers know the importance of choosing brand colors wisely – and sticking to them. It’s strange, but color has a real effect on consumer behavior. For example, an auto dealership may showcase black auto models in advertising or TV spot because black is known to be sophisticated, luxurious, and modern which is appealing to prospective […]
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Psychology of Color & Why It’s Important to Brands

What Do Colors Mean in Marketing? The colors of your logo serve as an ambassador for what your brand represents. When it comes to marketing campaigns, you may have noticed specific industries and companies use certain colors within their branding. But what does each color represent? And do colors affect the consumers’ decision making? Understanding […]

Why Children’s Hospital Colorado Is One of the Best Websites I’ve Ever Seen

From an SEO perspective, Children’s Hospital Colorado is how every website should look. When you work in SEO, you can’t help but look at websites differently than everyone else. You keep tabs on how quickly a page loads, you judge the content quality – or lack thereof – on each page, and if you have […]

What is OTT? How Connected TV Advertising can Help Reach a New Generation of Viewers

Over-The-Top, or Connected TV, Represents a Changing Space It’s no secret that more and more people are choosing to ‘cut the cord’ by canceling their subscription to traditional cable TV service. In fact, “cord-nevers” is a term describing a new generation of TV viewers who have never paid for cable TV and who instead rely […]

5 Strategies to Make Your Brand Stand Out on Your Website

The world is drowning in brands. With more than 28 million small businesses alone in the United States, virtually every brand is going to have to compete for attention to some extent, and getting a single brand to stand out among the crowd is a challenge. With the universal move toward digital media and more people than […]

8 Landing Page CTAs Designed to Convert

A well-executed landing page CTA is an essential element in transforming a random page visitor into a qualified lead. A landing page is one of the best ways to get leads for your business online. When paired with a great ad, a well-crafted landing page acts as the next step in the conversion process by […]

Why Content Marketing Matters

Everything is content – and content is king. Content marketing has been around for ages. While the term ‘content marketing’ has taken on buzzword-status in recent years, businesses and marketers have used this tactic to entice prospects and engage customers for eons. Think of it as education and information. Rather than just pushing products and […]