Case Study: Dealerships | RVs and Trailers


A premium dealer of RVs, horse & commercial trailers as well as heavy and medium-duty trucks, struggled to reach viable prospects. This dealer needed a set of micro-targeting strategies to reach unique audiences on a 1:1 basis.



  • Reallocate traditional media resources to generate digital data leading to micro-audience segments that can be highly targeted for deployment
  • Utilize 1:1 micro-targeting algorithms, target professional-quality media campaigns and organic digital content across email, mobile, social, display & paid search audiences
  • Drive increased site traffic, phone calls, web searches & store visits


 Deep Data Layers

PIN built profiles based on deep layers of data:

  • Time of day locations are visited.
  • How visit patterns compared to millions of other users.
  • Parsed with census and other demographic data.
  • Event data and venue polygons.


 Quality Data

Using Geopulse® technology, PIN was able to generate high quality data for accurate profiling by:

  • Cleaning incoming user data so that unreliable data does not pollute target audience profiles.
  • Building profiles based on discrete visits to geographic locations rather than general areas.
  • Generating thousands of specific audience segments for laser-targeted digital media campaigns.
  • Drive mobile & web traffic to specific landing pages with digital and phone call attribution tracking.



65k+ Unique Users Reached Each Week

(unheard of numbers for this client)

Units Sold 7%+

17%+ Boost in Web Page Views

15%+ Revenue Increase

More than double the rate of qualified phone leads

User Visits 93%+