Digital Advertising

Paid Social

Get social with targeted advertising on the world’s largest networks.

Did you know that one million new social media users are born every day? And that there are more than two billion daily active users on Facebook alone? 

More than any other advertising medium, social media is the best place to maximize both your brand’s visibility and user engagement. But social media platforms can be much more than just a place for businesses to find and engage with random users. With first-and third-party data insights, strategic personalization and custom audience targeting, social media advertising becomes a powerful way for a business to speak to a specific audience when, where and how they’re most likely to engage with the message.

Our social-savvy team develops advertising campaigns with highly targeted ad messaging and conversion-driven creative on the social channels best suited for your brand/product/service. Because users interact with each platform differently, the one-size-fits-all approach to social media content will not yield results in today’s diverse social landscape. Instead, we craft paid social campaigns that align to each platform’s distinct role by utilizing ad formats (photo, video, carousel, slideshow, canvas, story, etc.) and content specifically tailored to your ideal audiences on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. 

Watch this episode from our PINtakes video series:

Facebook as an Advertising Platform

We see social as a science.

After we launch a social media campaign, we track how messages are resonating across platforms and optimize campaign parameters accordingly in real-time. We not only analyze and adjust based on social engagement metrics, but we also track against KPIs that tie directly back to your business goals, shifting dollars between individual ads and platforms to meet those goals. We harness data that illustrates performance by platform, audience, ad type and device, giving us a robust picture of campaign performance and affording us the ability to make changes and optimize your ROI.