The catalyst for customer growth

At PIN, we don’t believe in marketing guesswork, and that’s because we don’t have to.

Data is our engine, and we turn it into purposeful intelligence to identify, reach and convert the customers most likely to engage with your business.

First Party Data Co-op

Our closed-loop, privatized data co-op contains billions of first-party data points and fuels the sophisticated engine of your marketing machine.

Deployment Portal

The digital “home” of PIN media, our proprietary deployment portal brings all your marketing efforts together in one place, giving you a bird’s eye view into what’s planned, scheduled and live in-market.

Account Management and Reporting

Our dedicated account managers not only provide regular account reviews and work with you to set appropriate goals, but they also give you 24/7 access to a comprehensive dashboard offering complete transparency and detailed performance reporting.

Google Tag Manager 

As part of our commitment to proper data governance, we provide and operate Google’s all-in-one tool for managing valuable data-tracking tags on your website.

Call Tracking

Gain better insight into what’s driving phone leads with PINcalls™, a tool for optimizing marketing ROI, enhancing the performance of your advertising campaigns and uncovering valuable data about your leads and customers.

Data Analytics 

Using sophisticated data science and proprietary technology, our analytics team finds and analyzes common threads, characteristics and psychographics of web users in order to inform a targeted digital marketing approach.

Data Privatization 

We make it a priority to centralize your valuable data and make sure it remains in your hands and your hands only. Our closed-loop, first-party system is 100% privacy-compliant, because the security of your data is paramount to what we do. 

 Attribution Modeling

By bringing together online and offline data and indicators, our attribution models deliver deep insight into your customers’ behavior, allowing you to prioritize, test and learn where your marketing investments are worthwhile and where they are falling short. 

The data’s in: intelligent marketing is better marketing.