Adams County Fair – A Week in Video

This is what it looks like when an innovative video production team meets a historic Colorado event.

From July 31st to August 4th of 2019, our video production team here at PIN Business Network were invited to the iconic and historic Adams County Fair. It would be a fantastic week of exciting events, delicious food, and an opportunity to work closely with the highly dedicated organizers of this spectacular festival. 

Adams County Fair dates back all the way to 1888 when market days were held in Brighton, Colorado. Rodeo events would follow shortly after and since then it has been a yearly staple and a must-visit event for both nearby residents and as fun-seeking travelers from afar. Adams County Fair has become one of the largest County Fairs in all of Colorado, with visitor numbers clocking in at more than 80,000 people each year.

The great success of the festival can certainly be attributed to the organizers who strive each year to make the fair even more impressive and expansive on the ever-growing list of activities and events. This is not a small feat considering that visitors can already attend multiple concerts with big-name country music artists, get their heart pumping as the rodeo riders battle the strongest of bulls, and be amazed at the unfathomable power in the truck pulling events. Meanwhile, little girls with big eyes marvel at the grace and beauty of aerial performances high in the rafters of the circus tent, making the dream of becoming the next circus princess seem so close.

That is just a small taste of what the Adams County Fair has to offer. Classic Mexican Charreada is something you would certainly not want to miss, the demolition derby is an absolute blast and then, of course, there are the thrill rides and the yummy fair food which always deliver. A well-cooked turkey leg with a glass of ice-cold, freshly-squeezed lemonade is just to die for on a hot summer day. The list simply goes on and on. 

Those on the PIN video production team would spend long and exciting days getting up close with the artists on stage as they rocked the crowd under the setting sun, follow the ultra-talented performers at Circus Dubois, and cautiously visit with the monstrous bulls and their brave riders while doing everything in our power to match the magic and the fun that Adams County Fair provides. The Adams County Fair is an incredible place to take the family and experience the best of what Colorado Fair life has to offer. 

As the last of the fireworks faded into the evening sky and the visitors were headed back to their normal lives, I am confident that I was not the only one already dreaming of what would be in store for 2020.        

Thank you, Adams County Fair. Until next year!