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Double-Digit Dealership Growth

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We helped a major metro dealership outpace their national brand average and achieve double-digit YoY growth on the way to the #1 position in their district.

The Goal

In a highly competitive market, our client had several goals. First, they aimed to increase new car sales in terms of both leases and purchases. They also wanted more returning customers in the form of trade-ins. Finally, the client wanted to identify conquest opportunities to further grow census tract performance.

The Solution

In order to achieve the client’s goals, we created, deployed, and optimized a data-driven, multi-tier digital strategy that conveyed the dealership brand while increasing the effectiveness of dollars spent in-market.

Data-Centric, Targeted Methodology

PIN customer persona development and attribution modeling helped to position our client in front of the right audiences, which constantly change over time (market adaptability). While monitoring campaign effectiveness based on considerable action taken such as form submissions, requests for test drives, and finance pre-approval apps, we were able to test and modify the campaign to drive the highest consideration and lowest cost per acquisition.

We highlighted opportunities within our client’s geography to aggressively target both their top-performing zip codes and also their top opportunity zip codes. This served to increase both sales volume and volume of new brand registrations within their geography.  

Increase Media Exposure and Drive Conversions

In order to increase brand awareness and drive more conversions to our client’s dealership, we deployed several data-driven ad campaigns and optimized them over time to reach the client’s ideal audience in their geography. These included Paid Search, Paid Social, Hyper-Local Programmatic Display, and Retargeting. In addition, we deployed organic content on our social platforms to engage the community and further increase exposure to our client’s dealership and services.

The Results

As a result of our efforts, our client outpaced the national sales growth of their brand, achieved double-digit year-over-year growth, and took over the #1 position in their district.

Paid Search

Paid Social

Programmatic Display

Dealer Results – 2018 YoY

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