8 Landing Page CTAs Designed to Convert

A well-executed landing page CTA is an essential element in transforming a random page visitor into a qualified lead.

A landing page is one of the best ways to get leads for your business online. When paired with a great ad, a well-crafted landing page acts as the next step in the conversion process by giving an interested page visitor the opportunity to take a specific action.

Within a landing page, the call-to-action (CTA) is the exact place where page visitors turn into leads. Whether your objective is increasing sales, generating email leads or developing customer relationships, the CTA is the element that asks the visitor, “are you ready to take action?”

Below are some landing page CTA snippets that utilize effective messaging, enticing buttons and good design to entice page visitors toward taking a specific action.

1. “Schedule an Appointment”

In this case, the CTA message (in addition to the adorable puppy in the background) encourages pet owners in a non-confrontational way and offers the peace of mind that comes with neutering or spaying your pet. By presenting an opportunity to get an appointment on the calendar immediately, the CTA button helps nudge the visitor toward becoming a qualified lead.

2. “View Vehicle Specials”

Purchasing a car is a large financial undertaking and often requires several instances of encouragement in the market. On this sales-oriented landing page, the CTA message artfully implies that the time is now, and the CTA button follows up with the opportunity to view special offers. This one-two punch (as opposed to more basic messaging like “buy a new car”, “view cars”, etc.) helps draw page visitors further down the sales funnel.

3. “Join the Club”

Including a special offer in the CTA messaging itself is a good way to encourage user action. In this case, visitors are given a financial incentive to join a liquor store club. From there, a separate CTA button literally directs the user to the location where that incentive can be taken advantage of.

4. “Get Free Tickets”

Everyone likes free stuff. By providing the basic details for an event and using a CTA button with the word “free” on it, visitors who arrive at this landing page see no strings attached and are more likely to take the necessary steps toward the desired action.

5. “Reserve Your Spot Now”

On this page, design elements play a big role in drawing the visitor toward the desired action — reserving a spot at a sports camp. Big, bold text appeals to the visitor and a bright splash of yellow attracts the eye toward the CTA button below, where a sense of urgency to reserve your spot nudges the visitor toward action.

6. “Enter to Win”

Basic forms are a great way to acquire page visitor information that can then be used for marketing campaigns and lead nurturing. When possible, it’s good to offer the user something useful to them in return for a form-fill. In this case, incentive in the form of a prize drawing is a great way to collect visitor info.

7. “Reserve a Table”

Witty and creative CTA text is a great way to draw a visitor’s attention (delicious sushi rolls help, too). The visitor is given two options here: take immediate action toward becoming a customer by reserving a table or sign up to receive more information about the business. Either way, the page visitor is being directed toward conversion with a combination of design, messaging and CTA buttons.

8. “Subscribe Today”

On this page, the CTA takes the form of a simple infographic followed by an option to subscribe to a watch service or go deeper into the visitor’s personal style. This more informational format affords the visitor knowledge of what they are subscribing to, making it more likely they will take action.

A good landing page CTA has great design, effective messaging or an enticing CTA button. A great landing page has all three. The best way to get page visitors to take the desired action is to combine visual and text to create a logical flow-through to conversion.

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