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Awareness & New Patient Growth at an Urgent Care Center

In November of 2017, we signed a multi-location urgent care center client who was looking to grow their business and open new locations. But first, they needed to find a partner to drive the kind of growth they needed through data and marketing.

The focus was acquiring new customers. A key performance indicator (KPI) was driving phone calls to the business. The measurement of a call is determined by being a first-time caller over 60 seconds in length. In addition to driving phone calls, the business ultimately wanted to grow enough to open new locations, which relied heavily on brand awareness and became a first choice for people seeking urgent care help.

The Solution

To achieve the client’s goals, we had to take a step back, analyze some of the overall logistics, and understand what they were doing to drive brand awareness of their business. Through our in-depth onboarding process, we discovered several opportunities the business was not yet capitalizing on.

First, through some of the paid search campaign analysis, we saw enormous areas for growth. They were being outbid and outranked by local competitors for the number one spot at their current spending. Not only were the competitors outranking them on Google Ads, but we also found many times they needed to be shown above the fold on these search queries. Ultimately, if they wanted people to find them who needed their service immediately, they needed to adjust how they were found on the top search tool in the marketplace.

In addition to missing the opportunity to drive new customers on Google, we found that the client was also not even trying to deploy campaigns in BING. This was a huge red flag, especially for their business type. The lack of presence in this channel meant that the competition had access to the full search market, where you could imagine people going first to find the service or clinic they needed. Potential clients who use BING never even had the opportunity to know that the urgent care center existed.

The Strategy

After discovering the opportunities in paid search alone, we were able to craft and deploy an optimized, multi-tier digital strategy that conveyed the urgent care’s brand while increasing the effectiveness of dollars spent in-market. Below is a representation of the areas which we targeted for the four separate locations:

  • Highlands Ranch
  • Centennial
  • Lone Tree
  • Aurora

We highlighted opportunities within their geography to increase brand awareness and drive more conversions to our client’s locations. With campaigns targeting their top-performing zip codes and top-opportunity zip codes, we aimed to increase both phone calls and appointments within their area. Below are some of the channels and tools we deployed for their campaign.

Our Community Now

In addition to the paid media strategy, we used native content to drive overall brand awareness for the urgent care centers. We did this by deploying organic content on our social platforms (like Denver Now) and our community website to engage the people in this area. This tactic further increased exposure to our client’s urgent care.

We would write articles contextually related to illness and common terms people may search for during different seasons. On these posts, we would include banner placements on each article that would drive to their schedule page. Through this process, the client got additional exposure from our community network. Below are some of the post-types we created for the urgent care center.

The Results

As a result of our efforts, our client has achieved an increased level of new calls to their business. Additionally, they have received so much new business they have been able to expand and open new locations. Below are charts regarding the calls overtime and calls by time of day.

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