Podcast: Let’s Talk Data Privatization

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Due to the Chinese-owned TikTok app having less-than-ideal standards of data security for its users, the importance of data privatization needs to be talked about. PIN Business Network prides itself on keeping user data under lock and key to ensure nothing runs the risk of becoming leaked or compromised. Laura and Brent sat down to talk about the popular video-sharing app and how PIN Business Network does data security differently.

Laura: [00:00:01] Hey, it’s Laura.

Brent: [00:00:03] Hey, it’s Brent. We’re talking about TikTok.

Brent: [00:00:06] Yay!

Laura: [00:00:20] It made the news that TikTok. The government’s not too keen on us having it now, turns out.

Brent: [00:00:29] Yeah, and I have some things that I can’t bring to the table on TikTok. And that’s one my age because I’m super old. But most importantly, I can’t sing and I can’t dance, so I can’t even get on the application to begin with.

Laura: [00:00:46] Well, now, not to be ageist or anything, but I have yet to use TikTok, ever, I never downloaded it and never had the, I just stopped at Instagram, I don’t do Twitter. I’ll check in on Facebook every now and then. But I mean, once your mom and you know, everyone, your grandma’s on Facebook, it’s just it’s over.

Brent: [00:01:08] I agree. I mean, did you ever have MySpace?

Laura: [00:01:14] Briefly.

Brent: [00:01:15] Oh, yeah. I think I logged in actually six months ago just to see if it was still there.

Laura: [00:01:19] You still know your password?

Brent: [00:01:21] I had to reset it. OK.

Laura: [00:01:21] Do you still have any friends on there?

Brent: [00:01:21] So I do. Yeah. And then it’s favored your music. And I get to pick your top 10.

Laura: [00:01:34] What did young Brent listen to?

Brent: [00:01:34] I think it was a lot of grunge. To be frank.

Laura: [00:01:39] I can. I can see that.

Brent: [00:01:40] Yeah. Wanted to be in the Seattle world but didn’t make it happen. Just ended up in Scottsdale on top of a horse for some reason.

Laura: [00:01:51] I’ll leave that one alone.

Brent: [00:01:52] Yeah I would too. Her name was Emily.

Laura: [00:01:56] Wow.

Brent: [00:02:03] But getting back to TikTok. Right. So.

Laura: [00:02:06] TikTok is owned by China.

Brent: [00:02:07] Right.

Laura: [00:02:08] And all the teenage girls slash moms who want to be “I’m not like the other moms and I’m a cool mom” want to have TikTok.

Brent: [00:02:16] Right.

Laura: [00:02:16] And, you know, jive with the youngsters. I never saw the appeal. I mean, there’s some funny things I’ll see pop up on my Instagram. People just post their TikToks to Instagram.

Brent: [00:02:27] I agree. There’s somebody who I follow who is a comedian who is amazing and only shows some of the most disastrous TikToks I’ve ever seen. I think Florida Panhandle and, you know, you could play the game. Florida versus Germany put that game.

Laura: [00:02:42] No, but I mean, it’s like, you know, type in your birthday plusFlorida, man.

Brent: [00:02:48] Exactly right. Same. Same, but different.

Laura: [00:02:51] I yes. I’m kind of scared for Germany in more ways than one. But, yeah, I just find it amusing that here’s this beloved app by young people that’s now being used as infiltrating homes.

Brent: [00:03:05] Yeah, I think that’s a big thing. Right. Just the privatization or of the data sets that we all play with every day.

Laura: [00:03:13] You don’t even think about it.

Brent: [00:03:14] On a little phone, right? Like, is it listening to this conversation right now?

Laura: [00:03:18] Maybe, Nordstrom, wait til you see those ads.

Brent: [00:03:22] I agree, right. I’m actually one of my friends did an experiment. I think we’ve all heard of it. But it’s, you know, the whole experiment of talking about dog food all day long when you don’t have a dog and then seeing if an ad pops up later on and it does, which is real weird.

Laura: [00:03:39] Yeah.

Brent: [00:03:40] So, you know, the third eye is always listening.

Laura: [00:03:43] Yeah. I mean, it’s like we’re living in an episode of Black Mirror. Now, I did overhear one young lady in the office say that her boyfriend works for the government and she had TikTok. And she had to delete it because of him. And he didn’t even have it.

Brent: [00:04:00] Wow. So she can’t even be in the same room if she has the same app?

Laura: [00:04:05] I guess not. I mean, who knows that.

Brent: [00:04:08] We’ve got so many first world problems. We don’t even know what we’re doing.

Laura: [00:04:11] Exactly. Here you got people just wanting to lip-sync or just have something to play with. Just know social media-wise and you don’t realize the dark underbelly of it or, you know. I mean, I can see, you know, the fun of it and then the. Oh, crap. What did they know about me and where are they using it for.

Brent: [00:04:33] Yeah. And I think they like, you know, when we talk about that and leverage it in a business sense. We talk about here at PIN Business Network within our organization. Privatization of data. First-party data. Second-party data. Third-party data. All this kind of black box marketing stuff. But at the end of the day, where is this information and where does it live? Who owns it? Who gets to leverage it? Understand it? And these attributions that we put together are pretty sacred when it comes down to the Mar-Tech technologies in the world, whether that’s, you know, the big box of Googles of the world or the TikToks.

Laura: [00:05:12] Yeah. And, you know, when you sign up for those apps, you don’t. No one reads the terms and conditions. But if there was a, you know, a pop up that said this is owned by so-and-so and this is what they’re collecting.

Brent: [00:05:25] Yeah, I’m sure if it said Chinese government is tapping into your home and wants to know what you’re cooking for dinner every single day, you probably wouldn’t post that.

Laura: [00:05:34] Also, I would feel really bad for the Chinese government officials if say I did have TikTok, like, wow, this girl is boring.

Brent: [00:05:41] Right.

Laura: [00:05:42] Because I am in business school, I go home and I study.

Brent: [00:05:46] Right.

Laura: [00:05:47] Oh, man.

Brent: [00:05:48] Jimmy John’s order is always on repeat.

Laura: [00:05:50] Like, let me guess, guys, double or nothing, she’s gonna order the Turkey Tom again. And then. Oh, Netflix, let me guess. Narcos! Yes!

Brent: [00:06:03] But is it the Mexican Narcos or the American one? Because you’re got to pay attention to the one with the subtitles.

Laura: [00:06:09] So I mean, both of them.

Brent: [00:06:11] OK.

Laura: [00:06:13] Yeah. Now, I mean, usually, it’s Narcos: Mexico because Diego Luna, hello.

Brent: [00:06:16] He is pretty yummy.

Laura: [00:06:19] He is pretty.

Brent: [00:06:22] I’ve been told many times I have no similarities as far as our looks or personality.

Laura: [00:06:27] I agree.

Brent: [00:06:28] Yeah. So, you know, I think at the end of the day when we talk about TikTok and privatization and data and all these big scary words, at the end of the day, it’s always good to have a partner on your team who understands these things.

Laura: [00:06:43] Because, you know, it’s kind of like the Wild West almost like you just stepped into this lawless world and with data is like, what? Where is this stuff going? Who has my email address now? Now, who has your photos? Who has my birthday? And because I mean, you ever want to like every once in a while, you just get an influx of all the spam email right to your inbox. Not to your spam, but to your inbox.

Brent: [00:07:10] I’ve been getting a lot of them lately, really on just a wave of them.

Laura: [00:07:14] Yeah. And it makes me wonder who sold my email. What did I do? What missteps did I make here? And, you know, I think as time goes on, there’s going to be a lot more, I guess, regulation maybe. I don’t know.

Brent: [00:07:33] I think we’re seeing that now today, even with the facebooks of the world in the advertising and some of those sprinkling things of the consumer and the customer of that space, meaning the people who buy those ads or even us are having a lot more authority and say in how those dollars are being spent. And we’re seeing that in the marketplace today.

Laura: [00:07:54] Yeah. And I mean, what would you tell our clients when they’re like, hey, what’s going to happen to our stuff like what? What are you going to do for us?

Brent: [00:08:01] Yeah, I’m going to close the loop on our customer. And I think that’s the most important thing, is that we’re going to close the loop on the customer to the Googles, those third-party, second-party, even those first-party aggregators that are out there to help you and your customer base sleep better at night. Right. Not wake up in the middle of night with a sweaty forehead, but know that your competitors and competition isn’t going to be going after your marketplace because it’s yours.

Laura: [00:08:29] Exactly. And what would you say to the customers of those clients?

Brent: [00:08:32] Yeah. Well, at the end of the day, Pin Business Network is the right place to do business and we house that data. And again, allow you to manipulate it in whatever fashion you want to but not your customers or clients.

Laura: [00:08:45] That’s good because. Yeah, you can it makes you a little skeezed out when you just look at another app or oh, this is the best new thing. And oh, this is a great meditation app.

Brent: [00:08:58] I do like my Calm App out I wonder what they’re doing right now.

Laura: [00:08:59] But what is Calm collecting?

Brent: [00:09:01] That is curious.

Laura: [00:09:02] Like wow you do need a therapist,

Brent: [00:09:05] That cute little British voice has got me I think. I think he might be a secret agent.

Laura: [00:09:10] I mean, honestly, with a dainty English voice, you can get away with anything.

Brent: [00:09:15] I know. Talk to my ex-girlfriend. Her name is.

Laura: [00:09:19] Let’s not talk to her.

Brent: [00:09:22] I’m joking,

Laura: [00:09:24] But, I mean, you know, you could sound like Mary Poppins and threaten global domination and it’s adorable.

Brent: [00:09:30] I mean, you do have a mousy voice.

Laura: [00:09:32] I do?

Brent: [00:09:33] Yeah. You could probably do world domination pretty well.

Laura: [00:09:37] Take over everything and destroy it hahahaha. hahahaOh, it’s so cute.

Brent: [00:09:42] With that said, I’m scared already.

Laura: [00:09:45] You better be.

Brent: [00:09:45] All right.

Laura: [00:09:47] Download my app.

Brent: [00:09:49] Yeah. Everybody, thank you so much for tuning in with us today. I feel a little bit relieved learning that I know my data safe.

Laura: [00:09:58] Yeah. And I won’t be downloading TikTok anytime soon.

Brent: [00:10:01] Neither will I.

Laura: [00:10:02] Not just for the sake of not boring the Chinese government. Because, you know, I just I’m a good person like that.

Brent: [00:10:09] Yeah. I mean, all my cooking is Hello Fresh anyway so.

Laura: [00:10:09] I need as few people to feel sorry for me as possible.

Brent: [00:10:15] I agree. There’s a lot of lonely nights with just me and my dog and nobody else wants to cry with me.

Laura: [00:10:22] Hmm. And that being said, have a great day!

Laura: [00:10:24] Bye!

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