Making the Case for Smarter Law Firm Marketing

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The Problem

A market-dominating law office was experiencing a significant rise in advertising costs as competitive pressure in their market increased. As a result, traditional cost-per-acquisition metrics were becoming unsustainable. The firm needed a new strategy to better target qualified prospects while simultaneously reducing ad spend.

Analyze existing KPI data and gain understanding of client’s unique goals

Collect and incorporate wide range of first and third party data across traditional and digital strategies 

Shore up existing holes within client’s owned digital assets and across 100 third party directories

Customize proprietary attribution system to measure efficacy of online and offline media campaigns

Prepare and deploy digital strategies based on historical user journey, user experience sentiment as well as first & third party data

The Strategy

In order to help our client decrease cost-per-acquisition and attract more qualified prospects, we formulated and executed a multi-faceted digital strategy. To increase social media exposure and engagement, we deployed micro-targeted paid social ads and posted organic content to our statewide social platform. Hyper-local programmatic mobile campaigns were also designed around hospitals and urgent care clinics to more closely target likely prospects. Finally, we performed a data-driven revamp of the client’s pre-existing paid search strategy. 

Our client was able to move away from a “spray and pray” approach to marketing by utilizing our custom attribution system built during the initial deployment phase.  This model allowed us to connect online (digital) and offline (radio and TV) media exposure and assess what was and wasn’t working in granular detail. From there, we were able to adjust our campaigns accordingly and drive more quality site visits, phone calls, and web searches. We also built customized lookalike audiences consisting of prospects who were new to the target area, whose work required daily driving, who belonged to specific ethnicities, and more. We were then able to deploy specific and purposeful campaigns to these audiences.

“A business that finally makes sense and takes their client’s needs above their own. I am so impressed with their business ethics and the positive energy that flows from within. Great job!”

Eric G.

The Results

As a result of our comprehensive strategy, our client saw a 16% in year-over-year average monthly qualified leads and a 234% increase in year-over-year general leads. Simultaneously, the client saw a 12% decrease in website bounce rate and a 630% increase in returning site visits.