Donations to Brent’s Place Brightens Kids’ Holiday

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The holidays are a hectic time for any parent, but for the parents of sick children, it can be even harder. That’s why PIN Business Network threw on their giving hats to bring the kids of Brent’s Place some joy.

Brent’s Place is an NGO doing amazing things for special kids and their families. Noting themselves as a “safe, clean and supportive place to heal,” the organization’s overall goal is to make life easier for immunocompromised kids and their families while navigating the process of recovery.

Over the holiday season, one company, PIN Business Network, dove into providing a very merry Christmas to kids everywhere. Not only did they donate six trucks full of toys for Pizza Republica’s toy drive, but they also lent a hand with the Brent’s Place stocking stuffer event to provide toys to families of sick and healing children.

“Because of [ PIN ] a toy store erupted at Brent’s Place,” wrote Rachel Bernstein, Brent’s Place Community Engagement Manager. “Parents enjoyed a moment of ‘normal’ walking around and choosing just the right gift for their child. Children who are going through daily treatment and arduous side effects experienced pure joy and happiness for a special moment in time,” said Bernstein.

The generous company provided bags full of goodies, hundreds of dollars in gift cards, and overflowing stockings filled with toys for the little boys and girls. The look on the children’s faces was thanks enough. Bringing joy to otherwise struggling and sometimes suffering children is by far the best way to spend the holidays.

Brent’s Place mom pitched in her own thankful words, saying:

“Between chemotherapy and the endless doctors appointments I didn’t know how I was going to do the holidays this year, but my children so deserved them. I was so overwhelmed with good feelings when I walked in that room and saw that the holidays had been taken care of for my family.”

Brent’s Place provides several services tailored to support families and children on their journey to health and recovery. Whether it’s a safe and clean stay in a furnished apartment, a family support program, or “My Time” activities. Brent’s Place takes a holistic family approach to healing.

With the help from companies like PIN, the efforts of Brent’s place are only amplified in bringing normalcy and most importantly joy to immunocompromised children and their families.

If you’d like to learn more about Brent’s Place, how you can volunteer, or how you can lend a hand, visit www.Brent’ for more information!